Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Asher Barah Sasson V'Simcha...Who Created Delight and Joy"

"So are any of your children married?"

My wife owns a flower shop. As I previously wrote, we live in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, so her clientele is mostly Jewish and primarily frum. She creates exquisite arrangements. Most of the time these arrangements are for l'chaims and weddings.

There is not a single day that goes by in which someone walks into the store and asks her if her son is seeing anyone...because they have the perfect girl for him.

Last week my wife, Michal, received a call from Israel. It was from a person who made Aliyah and who knows my son. She asked if he was dating anyone because she had the perfect girl for him. Both he and the girl are "chen" and they would really hit it off.

Not a single day goes by without being asked the question.

Not a single day goes by without dreaming about shattered dreams and what could have been.

Not a single day goes by without feeling sad.

And then, after a difficult and tearful day, he calls to find out how she is doing.

The same voice. The same boy.

She can breathe again until the next day.


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Anonymous said...

I am deeply moved by your blog and even though I'm not Orthodox myself, I have become quite involved in a number of efforts to increase understanding about homosexuality in the Jewish community in my area, which is heavily Orthodox. If it would be possible to contact you, I'd appreciate knowing how to do so. Thank you for sharing your pain with such dignity.