Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Fairy Tale for Modern Times

Once upon a time, in a land far away, stood a magnificent place of higher learning. It rested on the top of a small mountain overlooking the rest of the world. Students came from the four corners of the world to sit and study at the tables of learning.

At this magnificent place there was a teacher. Students would come from the four corners of the world to hear his words. And his students loved him. When the teacher would leave this place and travel to the four corners of the world, his students would follow him to hear his words, for the students loved him.

And this teacher had a niece. She travelled from another part of the world to be near her uncle and to learn from him. The niece loved the uncle and the uncle loved the niece.

And it came to pass that a special young man came from another part of the world to study at the table of this teacher. The young man learned much from the teacher. The student loved the teacher and the teacher loved the student.

When it came time for the niece to be of the age to be married, the uncle approached the niece and told her that he had the right young man for her. The teacher loved them both and thought that they would be perfect for each other. When the niece asked the uncle of this special young man that he wanted her to meet, tears came to her eyes when she was told his name.

The uncle asked his niece "why do you cry when I mention the young man's name?"

The niece replied "I know this young man and I have loved him for some time. But this young man can never marry me even though I know that he loves me."

The niece explained the ways of the world to her uncle.

After the niece spoke to the uncle, he said, "but he's such a great guy, I don't undertand."

The niece replied "yes uncle, he is such a great guy."


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