Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"There was a shooting in Tel Aviv, but I wasn't there OR How I was almost outed by my mother"

Last Saturday night there was a shooting in a gay drop in center in Tel Aviv.

My son is currently in Israel and he sent his family a short email stating that he is ok and he was not in Tel Aviv during the shooting.

Shabbat ended late. We had to get up very early the next morning to catch a plane to attend a family simcha and all we received was this quick and cryptic note on my blackberry as we were sitting on board the plane.

We weren't aware what had transpired in Tel Aviv.

Later on, as we were sitting at a table with my in-laws and my wife's siblings, all of whom don't know that our son is gay (or so we think), my wife asked if anyone heard what happened in Israel because "we received an email from our son that he wasn't there and he is ok."

My brother-in-law said that there was a shooting at a gay bar in Tel Aviv and everyone looked at us with an expression of "why would he be at a gay bar in Tel Aviv?"


Be well


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Anonymous said...

My heart broke when I read about this.
I am so glad your son is safe.